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Everyone, this is Tipsy.

Tipsy is a Toy Australian Shepherd.

We tell our family that she gets her name from the white tip at the end of her tail. It's definitely not because her human parents spend a little too much time at bars. That would be absurd.

Tipsy's hobbies include tug of war, licking feet, playing with her brother Ranger, and talking all sorts of smack when she wants something. Luckily, she is incredibly cute so she gets away with all that sass. Batting Tommy in the face for attention would not work for a larger dog.

She also loves going out with Tommy and I to bars and restaurants. She loves all of the attention that she gets! So, if you are in Austin and you see Tipsy around, come say hi :-) She would love a gentle pet from you.
About Teresa 1 Article
Hello my fellow pet lovers! I'm Teresa :-)

If you have ever met me, you know that I LOVE taking my dog with me to various bars and restaurants. That was the biggest reason why I chose to move to Austin a few years ago.

From what I had read about it, Austin was incredibly dog friendly and had an almost unlimited amount of bars and restaurants to go to. As it turns out, yep, true story. I try to go to at least one new place every weekend and I haven't even made a dent in the list!

Some other things that I enjoy are baking, photography, and gardening succulents. I also try out the occasional DIY project, but only if it has like 6 steps because honestly, who has the time to go through a 20 step DIY project?

I have been working with pets since I was 16, starting in retail where I learned about toys, pet food, and other products and I've been working in the veterinary industry for the past 5 years, helping the technicians and doctors take care of your furry family members.

I am very excited to show you the dog friendly experiences that take place in this extraordinary city and beyond. I really hope you like it!
About Tommy 1 Article
Hey I'm Tommy! I'm in charge of the tech side of pupper-doodle, as well as taking the little one on lots of walks during the day.

Before I met Tipsy, I never thought I was much of a dog person. I have a turtle named Attila, but that was pretty much all for pets until I met Teresa. And ever since the night we picked up Tipsy, my heart melted. There was no turning back!

I'll be behind the scenes, making sure everything stays up and running for you all to enjoy. Sometimes I'll pop in with some insights from my point of view on things.

Thanks for visiting!